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Carcano and Vetterli Rifles

First up is my Italian Rifle collection consisting of most of the varieties of the Carcano Rifle. I need several more to have one example of the typical varieties. The Vetterli rifle (top) started life in 1878 as a 10.35mm black power rifle. In 1887 a magazine was added and in 1915 it was converted to 6.5 x 52, a caliber used by the Italian military until the introduction of the 7.35mm M38 which was quickly abandoned at the outbreak of WWII. Late in the war the Italians started making some Carcanos in 8mm and towards the end the Germans tried to convert carcanos to 8mm for use on the home front.

The most famous Carcano is the one used by Lee Harvey Oswald to Kill Kennedy. He used a 6.5mm M38 with a piece of crap scope.


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