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AK Work

Ok, Lets see what we have here

Ok, Lets see what we have here!


I have some of the emails on my work computer and some here at home so I may miss something but I’ll give it a shot.



Pistol stuff:

  • Two 8.5” barrels with front sight/gas block installed
  • Two pistol rear trunions
  • Two receivers from Jerry
  • Matching bolt w/carrier and dust cover for both
  • Two shortened gas tube w/modified end (Should have came out of the other kits)
  • Trigger guard/rear trunion/ buttstock from Centerfire to replace the TG I lost out of the kit.
  • Two TAPCO G2 FCG
  • Two Krink-style Muzzle brakes

What I would like done:

    • Rivet front, rear pistol trunion, and trigger guard to receiver (included park and gunKoting receiver) $130
    • FCG installed/select lever $10
    • Barrel installed and headspaced $100
    • Barrel/brake parked and gunKoted $?

Things I need to have done but we haven’t discussed yet, e.g. let me know if

you can do it and cost:

v     Attach muzzle brake somehow weld/solder/J.B. Weld?

v     Remove piston and replace with shorted one.

v     Measurements take to find out length of new pistol needed



Rifle Stuff:

        Three Kits sent – two directly to you and one from me

        Three TAPCO FCG

        Two US pistons

        Three US pistol grips


What I need done:

o       Three sets of trunions riveted to three receivers $195

o       Three barrels installed and headspaced $150

o       Install three TAPCO FCG/select lever $15

o       Three receivers parked and GunKoted (Included in $195 above)

Thing I need to have done but we haven’t discussed

v     Replacing two original pistons with two US pistons

I included the US pistol grips because I thought you might need to prove

they are compliant or something also so you test fire it your wanted.




AMD Stuff

        One AMD 65 kit

        One TAPCO FCG (should be included with receivers form Jerry)

        TAPCO extended muzzle brake


What I need done:

o       Rivet front and rear trunion to receiver and trigger guard $65

o       Install TAPCO FCG/select lever $5

o       Park and GunKote receiver/barrel/brake $?

o       Barrel installed and headspaced $50

You can build the kit for test firing but I am going to put on custom wood fore and pistol grips and keeping the folding rear stock on it.


What I need done but we haven’t discussed yet:

v     Attaching the extended brake


Notes and comments:


DPH Arms mistakenly sent you a barrel extender and two 30rd mags. Please put them in a box along with the other odd parts:

      Buttstock and rear trunion from Centerfire kit I bought for the trigger guard

      The two rear trunions replaced by pistol trunions

      Two front sights and gas blocks removed from pistol barrels (if he sent them back to you)

      Original AMD trigger kit replaced by TAPCO FCG that came with receivers

      Any other loose parts I can’t think of right now

I have a friend by you who will pick up the box and add it to some stuff he is sending me and ship it all together. Is this doable? It will help you out I would think by cleaning up some of my clutter.


      I paid $50 (I mistakenly said $100 in the last letter) to have two full barrels gunKoted. I have since decided it would be better the have the pistol barrels and muzzle brakes done as well as the AMD and extended brake. Let me know how much to do the two 8.5” barrels w/brake and the 16” barrel/extended brake and apply the $100 towards that.


      Let me know about attaching the pistol brakes, how much and how you would do it. I, of course, would like it to be clean and smooth. Would a blind pin work? The muzzle brakes don’t HAVE to be attached but it would be nice. The Extended brake for the AMD does have to be attached and I have the same questions as above.


      Let me know about removing the pistons. Total I will need the two pistol ones removed and replaced with short custom ones and two replaced with US ones in two of the rifles. How much to (1) remove a piston and (2) pin and/or solder in a new one?


      I don’t know how long it will take to do all this (or when Global will send the last two receivers) but if it is going to be stretched out I do have a preference for the order in which they are done. I would like the one complete rifle kit done (I’m assuming you used the gas tubes from the two of the kits to send to Rod for modification) and sent off so I can have something to play with while I wait for the others. Next I would like the AMD kit done. The last two receivers from Jerry should go to the pistols. The last two rifle kits can wait on the two receivers from Global Trades.


      Assuming $50 for gunKoting the three short barrels and muzzle brakes then the money looks like this:


         Rivet 6 receivers and park/gunKote@ $65 $390

         Install 6 TAPCO FCG@$5 $30

         Install and headspace 6 barrel@$50 $300

         Park/gunKote three short barrels w/brakes $50

Total $770


Total amount sent so far $820, leaving a balance of $50 for extra work if needed and shipping. I will send more later for shipping as we find out how it’s going to be sent out.


There, clear as mud. Of course you can call me or email me when you discover the mistake and oversights I made.


Thanks for all the help,