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Dan's Military Gun Collection

Waiting to be Photographed

M91 Carcano
M38 Carcanos
Straight Pulls
Turkish Rifles
Odds and Ends
Waiting to be Photographed

I know it may sound crazy but there will be times that I acquire guns faster than I can update this page! I'll use this page to list the guns that have been gathered since the last photo session.

Incoming guns:
1878 Italian Vetterli, the previous version of the Vetterli on the carcano page. This one has not been converted to 6.5 carcano and has a magazine.
Update: The Bastards lied and sent the common 6.5 version. They refused to answer my emails after the auction. SOLD!!

M38 Carcano in 6.5, the famous "Oswald" rifle.
Update:It came in and looks pretty good, I'll take some pics soon SOLD!!

M38 Mosin Nagant, I had one of thses before and sold it so of course I had to get another one!
Update:It can in and looks pretty good, I'll take some pics soon

I got another Italian M38 carcano in 6.5! Couldn't help myself, it was so pretty. It's alot nicer than the one I got last month.

I traded the M93 Spanish Mauser (1928) for a real nice 1943 No1MKIII* Enfield. Yes, I know I have one but this one is better, no Ishy screw, import stamp, and has matching stock/metal. A wonderful version that makes my other one look like crap. OK, not really, but I should trade the fist one for something else now, but what....??

Update: Traded the Enfield for a VZ24 which I traded fro (and some cash) for a French MAS semi-auto 49/56!
So right now I have a Vetterli, a M38 carcano,a spanish mauser, and a Lithgow Enfield I need to trade or sell.
Update:OK sold the Vetterli and the other Spanish Mauser. SO basically I got rid of the ones I didn't want for whatever reason. Now I have some money to buy some more!!!

Update: 2/03/2006 I have bought a few ; ) Ak kits. There was talk to that BATF was going to restrict the import of the barrels for the kits so I bought them befor ethe expected price increase. I don't really know what happened to the ban but it affects me little now! I got five Romanian "G" kits sitting at the gunsmiths right now waiting to be built. I ordered the receivers for them three months ago. Luckily for me I found a guy selling four more receivers while I waited for the two I originally ordered. I am having two made into AK pistols with 8.5" barrels, they are going to look bad ass. The other three will be rifles but I am looking at ways to spice them up a little, like adding a folding stock on one. I also got a AMD 65 being built, when I add the extension/muzzle brake to it, it's barrel will only be 16" and it will have a folding stock as well. the last one i'm waiting on is a Bulgarian AK 74 in 5.45. Just a bit different. I'll have pictures galore yuo can be sure when these come in and I finish them up. All I'm having the smith do in install the rivits on the new receivers/ install the trigger and headspace the barrels. It's too damn cold in he garage to do the work here 40 the last I checked and that is after the outside temp warmed up to -15 from the low of -50 the last week!


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